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People trust us. Dogs love us!
We pride ourselves on professionalism, ethical handling practices and cleanliness.  
We try to maintain a calm but fun atmosphere while taking care of your loved ones grooming needs.

Our groomers will take all the time they need for their groom to be a PAWsitive experience for both you and your pup.

Our groomers use and supply only the best products for your dog’s skin and coat!

Product lines we use include:

  • Melanie Newman

  • SOOS

  • Nagayu C02 Tablets!

Our head groomer has over 10 years of experience and is always expanding her knowledge and training through trade shows, seminars, and competitions. Not only does she offer all of the above, but she also specializes in senior dogs. From aches and pains and poor circulation, she will help you and your dog transition into the “later” years of your pup’s life. We customize grooming services to suit your needs.

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We Use Only Safe Shampoo Products | K9 COMPETITION

Made in Sweden of the best natural ingredients available on the market, in order to make your wise environmental choice simple.The products have a calming effect on sensitive skin and scalps and do not irritate. K9 COMPETITION FORMULA adds the active ingredients in perfect harmony, in order to give nourishment, moisture balance and optimized coat quality. The products are easy to work with, disentangling and timesaving. They give the coat a shorter drying time and wonderful and long lasting results. K9 COMPETITION is suitable for all kinds of pets, coats, breeds and puppies.

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