I have been surrounded by animals my entire life. All have been influential and helped me develop my love for our canine friends.

I am originally from Fergus, Ontario. Born and raised a farm girl. I grew up with livestock, participating in 4-H and completing my post secondary in Agriculture. I have my Bachelor’s in Agribusiness and a general Agriculture diploma. I worked in the field for a bit, but the animals were always calling my name. I joined Brandy in 2014 to relocate and grow DDG and haven’t looked back.

I have three of my own dogs who have joined me since I have relocated to Alberta. currently, Tess, a rescue JRT who is 15, Baxter, a rescue Lhasa Apso x who is about 12, Penny who is around 9 and you will see her around the salon quite often! I always have fosters around the house as well, that my whole family enjoy! My favourite fosters are for the senior rescue or ones that are harder to place because of their overwhelming shyness. My dogs and my many fosters have taught me invaluable lessons about patience, trust building, and training.  I have been certified in positive reinforcement clicker training and enjoy using it to create a bond with the dogs. Previous employment has allowed me to learn various training techniques that have been extremely helpful.

From shut down shy dogs, to ones that need a little extra training to get them ready for their forever homes, I enjoy every one. It’s hard not to have a house full! I love to work with these furry friends because you get to interact with so many different personalities and establish trust with them. You see the transformation of many of the dogs through the time you spend with them.

Brandy and I have worked hard to grow DDG to what it is today. We are extremely proud of our salon and look to accommodate everyone and their furry friends that walk through our door. I look forward to meeting you and caring for all your canine needs!

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I am a Professional Dog Groomer with over 15 years of experience in the industry and a lifetime of experience with animals from guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs to horses. I currently have 6 rescue dogs of my own. I am a certified yoga instructor but it is my love for animals, the peace it brings me to groom and my love of yoga that Downward Dog Grooming was born in 2010.

Prior to DDG I worked in some Calgary salons, continued my education and got a feel for where I fit in the grooming world. Before opening the salon in Airdrie with Julia, I had been operating as a private inhome mobile groomer, mostly by referral, under the trade name Downward Dog Grooming and loving every minute of it. I started with a few elderly clients who couldn't get out, then senior dogs whose parents were no longer comfortable taking them to a groomer or their groomers found them too fragile/hard to handle, plus other dog clients with special needs from back injuries, missing legs, blindness or other medical conditions. Most days were long and challenging but 100% worth every minute. While I won't be continuing this mobile service most of my clients have chosen to follow me from all over Calgary, Dewinton, Bearspaw to Airdrie because of the trust and bond I have built with them and their dogs. My new focus has been building a team with Julia that you can trust here in Airdrie to serve the community’s needs.

 We believe grooming is not "just a trade" that anyone can pick up. Grooming takes knowledge of the industry, a passion for animal health and welfare, patience, a lot of patience, creativity and compassion. A groomer’s success depends on keeping you and your pet healthy, happy and safe. Choosing a groomer should not be taken lightly. We work hard to build trust, respect and maintain a good standing relationship with you and your dog(s) or cat(s). 

Please keep in mind not every dog loves grooming. Some love coming, some hate it and others merely tolerate us. We try not to take this personally and do our best to make them as comfortable as possible with the situation. Help us help them feel confident by ensuring a smooth handover and showing them you trust us too!             

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!




(Groomer In Training)

Shae was born and raised in Airdrie Alberta. In 2007 her parents moved out to Beiseker where they started a small farm operation. This is where she found her passion and love for animals. Shae has been involved with 4H Canada since she was old enough to become a member. In and out of her 4H career she brought strong competition to the cattle show ring. Shae has mainly been involved in cattle. Although, she also has experience owning and working with pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, cats, llamas, horses, and of course dogs. Her love for animals grew as she got older. After graduating high school she continued her education at Olds College. She graduated with a diploma in agriculture management, with a major in production. Shae’s past experience in the workforce have dealt with agriculture. For example she has worked on a feedlot for cattle and swine. She was also a part time Milker at a local dairy barn while attending school in Olds. Currently Shae still lives on the family farm where they have a small cattle operation of both purebred and commercial cattle. Along with her small herd Shae also owns two dogs; a Great Pyrenees, Zaley, and a border collie, Finn. Finn is currently being trained as stock dog. Although dog grooming is new to shae she is very egar for what her future holds and hopes to learn all she can from the DDG crew!


My passion ever since I can remember has been animals and in particular dogs. Growing up I had many different breeds of dogs, shetland sheepdog, chihuahuas, staffordshire bull terrier and bloodhound, Just to name a few. My dream was to become a veterinarian, but life doesn't always go directly as planned. I received my veterinary medical office assistant diploma in 2010 from Excel career college in Courtenay BC. After graduation I began a 6 year long career working in different veterinary hospitals in BC and after moving back to my home town, Calgary. There were many hard stressful days at the hospitals, I decided it was time for a career change and found an amazing new home at DDG. I joined the downward dog team in June 2017, and can't wait to see what the future holds for me here. I currently have 5 dogs, Rio, Skye, Romeo, Buck,(Chihuahuas) and Whiskey Rose (Staffordshire bull terrier) and a kitten named Chevy. I plan to learn all I can working with the amazing Downward Dog crew and eventually become a full groomer in the future.