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Spa Services

Included with every haircut are:

  • shampoo / conditioner to suit your dogs skin and coat

  • blow dry and fluff

  • nails trimmed

  • bows, bandanas

  • ear cleaning

  • sanitary area

  • ear plucking (if requested)

  • anal gland expression (if requested, $5 extra with nail       trimming)



Nail cutting

$15 (please request dremel if prefered

Bath and De-shed (Flat/Short Coat)
(Flat/Short Coat)

Your pup will enjoy a relaxing bath with our soothing K9 shampoos including a deep massage to loosen dead skin and undercoat. Followed by an intense blow dry and de shedding treatment to remove dead hair. Finish up with a relaxing brush and comb out. This helps to enhance coat appearance and maintain healthy skin. Also included is an ear cleaning and nail trim.


Fluff and Puff (Medium - Long hair)

After a refreshing bath and fluff all the edges are trimmed up with a focus on paws, bum, tail and the face. This helps maintain the look of your original haircut between grooms or just accentuates an all natural look in those breeds not requiring shaves.



Teddy Bear

Using a blade or guard comb from 1/2 inch and up we create a very smooth full look all over. Legs are scissored to appear the same length as the body. The head is trimmed as per your request. Shorter blades can be used on the body for what we would call a fake teddy bear for those fuller figures or to prevent the “chicken leg” look like on thinner breeds. 


Puppy trim refers to the idea that very young puppies are often taken to the groomer to have their faces, feet and sanitary done without touching the rest of the coat. Again, this means that the coat could be any length but does generally infer a longish cut. 


Poodle, Doodle & Breed Specific Cuts

Special requests and Breed Specific cuts - Please be very clear as to what you are looking for and have a picture for reference if you wish. Sometimes the smallest miscommunication can be the start of a bad relationship. We want you to be very happy with your dogs haircut. Prices vary for different breed and doodle cuts depending on size and coat type.


Kennel Cut

This is a very short shave but an easy to manage hair length usually between 1/16th of an inch (#10 blade) up to about 1/3-1/2 of an inch (#4-3 blade) all over. The dogs face is kept a bit longer shaped and blended or shaved down as requested.


In Betweens $25 each

Nail trim and/or grinding
Face and Potty Patch trim
Anal glands (if requested)

*please note there is no bath with this package*



This will not be done if it is clearly uncomfortable to your dog (tolerance levels will vary from dog to dog), on large areas of the body, or in sensitive areas like the armpits or groin. Our goal is to provide a comfortable grooming experience every time. We offer free advice on how to properly maintain a healthy coat between groomings, please feel free to ask. We will never lecture you on your matted dog. We prefer prevention and education.

Double Coats

DDG does not recommend short shaves on double coats, especially on breeds that are particularly short already

(Labs, mixed breeds, Rottweilers, pugs etc). We will inform you of other options you may have in terms of shedding, style or allergies as well as the many negative effects this may have on your pet.

We reserve the right to refuse clients who request cuts we aren't comfortable completing. Thank you for your understanding.

Dental Care

DDG does not offer teeth brushing or scaling. Oral hygiene and teeth brushing is daily home care. Dental concerns are veterinary medicine. We do not advocate scaling done by anesthetic free providers.

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