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Our Salon:​

At Downward Dog Grooming, we stick with one thing and do it well, grooming We do not offer day care services. However, we do have flexible drop off and pick up times if your dogs behaviour is conducive to maintaining a calm and pleasurable environment for all. We are a kennel free spa with the option for a single dog run if needed. Dogs that are overstimulated or aggressive may be asked to be picked up immediately after their groom or schedule a day where you are able to do so. We do a number of rescue and senior dogs that can be negatively influenced by a stressed client.

We are fully outfitted with video cameras to cover the entire salon. Please be aware that you are being recorded at all times.​

Safety first!​

We are located on a busy parking lot with many blind spots. PLEASE keep your dog leashed or carried while walking through the lot and in the lobby. We do deal with some aggressive dogs, and while we try to check in and out quickly, the dogs you meet in the lobby may not be friendly even though yours is! Please be respectful and leash your pet.


​Grooming Fees:​

All grooming charges are directly related to style, coat condition, and size of dog. We will not quote over the phone and will try our best to upon drop off but prices are subject to change at any time. Our fees are competitive throughout Airdrie. We aim to help people in a tough spot or seniors on fixed income, so don't be afraid to ask if you need help.


All grooms include deep scrub, hand dry (no cage dryers on site), ear cleaning, and nail trimming. Glands checked, nails dremmeled, and ears plucked on request. We are happy to help you plan a maintenance schedule to help you manage your dog's coat and keep your dog comfortable.

If you fail to show up for your appointment, we will now be charging you for your entire groom if no call is made.$25 will be charged If you can't make your appointment but notify us immediately. We do understand extenuating circumstances but appreciate any notice you can give as we have a wait list and can sometimes get another client in to your appointment slot with the appropriate notice.

Our shampoo used is the K9 brand. It is Aloe Vera based and very gentle. We have varying selections based on your coat type and dog. We offer a hypo allergenic shampoo as well upon request. There is no extra fee for specialty shampoo or conditioner.

Handling,Dematting & Cruelty Free Policy:

Downward Dog Grooming is proud of our calm and stress free grooming. We reserve the right to refuse any animal that is under too much stress, ill, or behaviourally not able to handle the grooming process without risk to themselves or our staff. All clients seeking a service from Downward Dog Grooming must disclose any history of aggression, medical conditions or otherwise that could prove harmful to our staff or the dog.  We will give every animal a fair chance to try the grooming process and proceed with assessments into their comfort level.

Our Cruelty Free Policy includes not dematting animals that are severely matted or otherwise can not handle the situation. We reserve the right to shave dogs (with owner consent first) if they are too matted and the process will cause discomfort. If you would like to keep your dog in a longer style, we will require a more frequent visit (4-6 weeks) or additional dematting fees. Excess dematting is considered inhumane and we will not cause discomfort to our clients pets. Dematting is not sanctioned by professional grooming associations. We are happy to leave your dog in as long a blade as possible and work out a schedule of tidies as well as a brushing tutorial so they are kept in good shape. We understand you want a longer style, but sometimes it is not feasible or comfortable for your dog. We don't judge the capabilities of owners, we are here to help you and your pet!​


We will discourage double coated dogs to be shaved. We offer a bath and deshedding service that we urge you to try  before opting to shave your dog. The coat can not grow back, grow patchy, cause skin irritation, and other conditions. If you opt to shave your double coated breed, you will be required to sign a waiver reiterating these points.


​We can not diagnose or treat medical conditions, and it will be suggested you visit a vet if we come across anything. Infected ears, lumps and bumps, impacted anal glands, ripped nails, etc. We do a number of senior animals and take extra care to give them breaks and make sure they are comfortable during the grooming process. Some of these animals will experience a level of discomfort after groom due to standing for longer than they are used to. This is completely normal. If there is anything out of the ordinary, we will call the owner first. The animal may need to be picked up prior to the completion of the groom to ease its stress or exhaustion. We will not be responsible for any complications due to pre-existing medical circumstances. ​

Your Pet's Style:

​Downward Dog Grooming is proud of its team of stylists that are well versed in breed styles, puppies, senior, large and small breeds. We do not have a limit to size and can accommodate large breeds. We gladly offer breed styles, Asian fusion, scissoring and clipping. Photos are encouraged if you're not sure what your pup has gotten previously. We will recreate or complete to the best of our ability what is agreed upon on drop off. If you don't agree with your pets style we will do our best to achieve your desired look in future visits. 

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